World’s finest fabric – BEVILACQUA – Venice

Venice, unique city of art and history, fusion of ancient civilisations, inevitable crossroad of merchants and trading of precious things  enice, enclosed by water as if by a mighty wall to contain and  protect the works of art which the world envies, treasures and seeks.

It is here that for two centuries the Bevilacqua family has continued weaving with pride and tenacity the same velvets, damasks and brocades, which bestow richness, prestige and elegance not only to Venice but to the whole world, on wooden manually operated auroserici looms.

It is, moreover, right here in the centre of the city in the San Marco (St. Mark’s) district that Paola and Mario Bevilacqua, one of the owners and managers of the Antica Tessitura Serica Luigi Bevilacqua, are present with two historic shops which the best press suggest visiting and, moreover, include as a must in those tourist routes aimed at discovering art in Venice

Intering these shops means entering ancient Venice, immediately savouring the calming pleasure of things from the past, real things, where modern technology waits in vain, excluded.

You become enfolded in velvets, damasks and brocades, some even woven in gold and silver and perceive the strong scent of silk, while the colours make it so that the sun shines at night.In addition to the fabrics, to the tassels, the trimmings, you will find cushions, table cloths, table centres and thousands of the other things, all created by the owner’s wife, Paola Bevilacqua, who offers her full experience gladly and with patience and is at the complete disposal of the clients .


You can find Paola Bevilacqua in the shop located at 337/b San Marco on  Fondamenta Canonica right behind the Basilica and next to the Bridge of Sighs.Thanks to the secrets handed on from generation to generation, Mario Bevilacqua and son Emanuele follow the manual production, thus guaranteeing the conservation and correct functioning of the historic looms, and can be found at Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, 2520 San Marco in a historic shop noted as and thus protected as one of the last testaments to shops from centuries gone by, without shop windows but with a main door which is always open  and two windows from which the fabrics flow towards the people in order to be seen, touched and understood.



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