ZUMA – Best Asian Restaurant in Town (Dubai)…I would say worldwide!

All Asian food lovers will be in their element @ Zuma Restaurant, Dubai. One of theirs hightlights is the „black cod.“ WOW!!! You will not even have a fabulous, outstanding food experience, you will enjoy it in a modern, stylish and sexy ambience to cool music which create the perfect atmosphere. You  will meet celebrities from sport, music, film and show business. Bookings in advance are a MUST, that depends how important you are…

Naturally, you expecting the restaurant staff would be the pinnacle of snootiness, like in the most cool places in the world, but they surprised me by being the warmest, most unpretentious crowd; while the environ may be undulating cool, they make you feel like you belong there just as much as anybody else. And you get the distinct sense that every single patron is given the same cheery, welcoming treatment. They take highly care about all special ordered dishes if you have any kind of food allergies, like I have and there are not less! 😉

I love Zuma and I have never ever eaten better then there! You can believe me, I  have eaten in plenty, many IN-Places worldwide!  Try it and you will know what I’m talking! Have fun!

Some background information about Zuma:

Zuma Dubai is the fourth worldwide, with Zuma restaurants located in London’s Knightsbridge, Hong Kong and Istanbul; and the fifth Zuma open 2010 in Miami. Zuma, the brainchild of German chef Rainer Becker, offers a sophisticated cuisine philosophy inspired by the informal Japanese dining style called Izakaya.The authentic but not traditional dishes are brought steadily to the table for all guests to share, complemented by a vibrant atmosphere. The ambience is complimented by seductive lighting and the resident DJ’s artistic acoustics. The design was created by tokyo based noriyoshi muramatsu of studio glitt, formerly of the world renowned design house, super potato. Zuma dubai balances the six elements of fire, earth, water, air, wood and iron to achieve harmony. the restaurant showcases hand carved granite counters, salvaged rusted-steel walls and a spectacular bamboo sculpture,  created from 450 wires and 350 bamboos, which transcends the central void.


Zuma DXB
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